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Motorola Service Plan

Service from the Start Service Center Bronze. Includes Comprehensive coverage. Does not include coverage for cradles.

This part is replaced by SSE-MC31XX-30.
Ships in 24-48 hours


Motorola MC 3100 Service Contract

Safeguard your purchase with a Service Plan for the MC 3100. Our Motorola Service Plans provide peace of mind and high-quality repair services. Should a problem occur, simply ship the covered product to a repair depot and it will be returned in working order shortly.

Manufacturer part number: SSB-MC31XX-30

General Information

  • Product Type: Service
  • Brand Name: Motorola
  • Manufacturer: Motorola, Inc
  • Service Name: Symbol Service - Extended Service

Service Information

  • Service Main Type: Maintenance
  • Service Sub Type: Physical
  • Service Characteristic: Parts & Labor
  • Service Response Time: 3 Day - Repair
  • Service Description: 3 Day
  • Service Duration: 3 Year