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Motorola Mobile Workforce Management

3 Year Software Support for Mobile Workforce

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Motorola Mobile Workforce Management

Every day in your retail store, associates perform hundreds of tasks in order to provide every customer who walks through your doors with the best shopping experience possible. There are customer questions to answer, inventory to re-stock, spills to clean up, and so much more. Even if you have an existing task management system to help supervisors organize tasks, they still typically need to walk around the store or page associates to delegate and track the status of tasks during a shift. mobile workforce management software facilitates consistent and reliable store execution by providing an intelligent task management system that delivers tasks directly to your associate's mobile device, such as Motorola Solutions highly affordable and wearable SB1 smart badge. An easy-to-use mobile dashboard provides supervisors with all the information they need to monitor and manage all tasks.

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Manufacturer part number: SWS-MWM-2X-10-30