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Motorola TEAM Appliances

Vowlan Bun Sr 2100 R1.5 Na


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Motorola TEAM Appliances

The Motorola TEAM Appliances architecture delivers superior interoperability, superior mobile device battery cycle times, improved network performance, improved security and expanded access to PBX features. The TEAM Appliances become the translators between TEAM VoWLAN smartphones and the PBX, enabling interoperability with a broad range of PBXs and IP-PBXs - allowing enterprises to leverage and integrate the current telephony infrastructure investment. The appliance handles the bulk of the processing required to maintain connections, preserving battery power for a full workday and extending overall battery life. Efficient one-to-one push-to-talk (PTT) services dramatically reduce traffic over the wireless LAN, improving network efficiency and performance. And additional security features improve security between VoWLAN smartphones, corporate networks and business applications.

Manufacturer part number: TEAM-BUN-NA-21000