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Motorola WT4090 Voice-Only Wearable

WT4090 Handheld Terminal - Intel Xscale Pxa270 520 MHz - 128 Mb RAM - 128 Mb Flash - Bluetooth

Hand Held Computer
This part is replaced by WT41N0-V1H27ER.
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Motorola WT4090 Voice-Only Wearable Hand Held Computer

The Motorola WT4090 Voice-Only Wearable is a simple, rugged tool for voice-directed task workers, enabling high-performance hands-free applications to improve productivity and reduce errors in the warehouse. The wireless 802.11a/b/g device offers the same high-power processing and superior voice functionality as the fully featured Motorola WT4090, including support for voice recognition and text-to-speech engines. At home in extreme temperatures, the WT4090 Voice-Only Wearable is ideal in coolers and freezers. A full range of accessories future-proofs and protects this investment, allowing you to easily expand the functionality of this hip- or wrist-mounted device with cordless scanners and more.

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Manufacturer part number: WT4090-V1H1GER