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Power Accessories for Motorola products include cradles, power supplies and AC adapters. Contact us for more information.
Power Accessories Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
25-54956-01R Power adapter cable, DC power to cradle. Ships Today $54.46
Retail $78
Save 30%
50-16002-001 CB-1000 US Power cord (2.1 meters, Right Angle Connector, F-6-Plug, Straight) Ships in 24-48 Hours $16.69
VCD9000-S000R Vehicle Cradle for MC9000-S Only. Supports spare battery charging. (Includes power cable) Ships in 24-48 Hours $341.50
25-71922-01R DC Power AC Brick Cable Ships in 24-48 Hours $92.62
25-85991-01R Power Cable (Y Needed for Cable Routing to Wall Mount) Ships Today $25.90
25-85992-01R 4-Way DC Line Cord. Used to power up to Four MC9500 and WT400 Four-Slot Battery chargers with one power supply (50-14000-241R). Ships Today $35.56
50-16000-217R MC67 Accessories, AC Line Cord, 1.8m, Grounded, Three Wire, as 3112 Plug. Associated Country: Australia, China, New Guinea. For Power Supplies Kt-14000-148R and 50-14000-241r. Ships Today $15.70
50-16000-219R MC67 Accessories, Cord: Pwr 18awg 10a 250v Uk Ships Today $18.52
50-16000-221R MC67 Accessories, Cord: Pwr 18awg 10a 250v Usa Ships Today $18.52
50-16000-255R MC67 Accessories, Universal Cable, Cord, Power, Euro Plug CEE7/16 Ships Today $13.42
50-16000-669R MC67 Accessories, AC Lind Cord, 1.8 M Grounded, Three Wire, Bs 546 Plug. Associated Country: India. For Power Supplies Kt-14000-148R and 50-14000-241r. Ships Today $18.52
565478-001-00 Power, 65004 12vdc Power supply Can Be Used with Mc-802 in North America Ships Today $14.58
565478-002-00 Power, Supply (12VDC, Eu) Ships in 24-48 Hours $14.58
565478-003-00 Power, Supply (12VDC, Uk) Ships in 24-48 Hours $14.58
PWRS-14000-253R Accessories, Power supply, 5VDC/850ma (For Use in US, Ca, Mx, Br, Jp, Tw). Includes line cord. Ships Today $28.24
Retail $32
Save 11%
86-120786-01 Power Accessories, Power supply: 90-264 VAC, 47-63HZ, 54VDC 175W Ships in 24-48 Hours $97.91