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Motorola RFS 4000 Wireless Switch

The Motorola RFS 4000 offers multiple features that ensure reliability and survivability of branch networking services in virtually any situation. The RFS 4000 protects against access point and mesh node failure with SMART RF, a feature that keeps users on-Net with automatic optimization and healing. Motorola's patent pending clustering mechanism protects against wireless switch failure and offers Active/Active or Active/Standby controller redundancy options. In the event of a WAN outage, a redundant 3G ExpressCard guarantees Internet services by providing WAN backhaul options. With the Integrated Dual Radio Dual band form factor, the RFS 4000 is the only Services Controller in the Industry that offers concurrent access in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, with mesh capabilities in a multi-cell environment.
RFS 4000 Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
RFS-4010-00010-WR RFS 4000, Wireless Switch, 5 PoE PORTS, Power supply Included. Ships Free Today $899.96
RFS-4011-11110-US RFS 4000, (With Dual .11n Radios and Power supply, US Only) Ships Free Today $1,344.65
RFS-4011-11110-WR RFS4000 Integrated Services Controller, RFS4000: with Dual .11n Radios & PS Ships Free Today $1,344.65
RFS-4000-12ADP-LIC 12 x Adaptive Access Point License Pack for RFS 40XX Ships Free Today $690.41
RFS-4000-24ADP-LIC 24 x Adaptive Access Point License Pack for RFS 40XX Ships Free Today $1,314.89