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Motorola RFS 7000 Wireless Switch

The Motorola RFS 7000 is the first RF wireless switch to bridge the gap between Wi-Fi, RFID, and other wireless technologies. It supports and consolidates Wi-Fi, RFID, 802.11n, mesh, Voice over Wireless LAN (VoWLAN), and WiMAX, which businesses can use to efficiently deploy and manage wireless voice, data, and infrastructure devices.

Number of Wired Access Points

Number of Supported Access Points

RFS 7000 Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
RFS-7010-100R0-WR RFS 7000, RFS-7000 Wireless Switch For Use as A Redundant Spare Ships in 24-48 Hours $5,755.23
RFS-7010-10030-WR RFS 7000, Wireless Switch RFS7000 with 64 Ports Ships in 24-48 Hours $9,744.51
RFS-7010-10020-GR RFS 7000, Switch Rfs7010 256 Ports-Fips Ships Today $29,065.98
RFS-7010-10010-GR RFS 7000, Switch Rfs7010 128 Ports-Fips Ships in 24-48 Hours $20,326.46
RFS-7010-10040-GR RFS7000, 16port Software Version Fips Ships in 24-48 Hours $8,195.49