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Motorola WS 5120 Wireless Switch

The WS 5120 wireless switch from Motorola integrates all the functionality of Motorola's next-generation wireless LAN (WLAN) architecture on an IBM eServer BladeCenter, delivering a new level of simplicity and cost-efficiency to wireless networking. This elegant platform combines the separate components traditionally required to deploy a wireless network such as server, wireless switch, Ethernet switches, wireless security and applications into a single, simple plug-and-play device. By simply sliding the WS 5120 into the IBM eServer BladeCenter chassis, enterprises with large distributed locations can quickly deploy a powerful WLAN server that delivers extremely scalable, secure and reliable wireless connectivity for mobile workers. WS 5120 is an ideal choice for retailers and distribution centres to hospitals, banks, factories and more, where enterprise-level WLAN performance is expected with exceptionally low implementation and management requirements, and a low total cost of ownership.
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