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MultiTech MultiModemII

MultiModemII from MultiTech is a corporate modem capable of V.92/56K data and 14.4Kbps fax communications. The front LCD panel provides quick and easy access to modem information. It also features a Backup-Service, in which the backup dial-up line can take over if the primary modem connection goes down. This modem is ideal for corporate users and mission-critical legacy systems.


MultiModemII Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
MT5600BR-V92 MultiModemII, V.92 Rack Modem (Dial Up/Leased) Ships Today $214.91
Retail $299
Save 28%
01008039L Accessory, Power supply (100-240v) for the MVP130 and MVP210 - All Versions Ships in 24-48 Hours $29.27
ISI5634UPCI/4 Accessory, V.92, 4-Modem Card (Universal PCI) Ships in 24-48 Hours $636.11
Retail $799
Save 20%
ISI5634UPCI/8 Accessory, Modem Card (V.92, 8 Modem Card, Universal PCI) Ships Today $973.47
Retail $1249
Save 22%
LK-ZBA-GB/IE Accessory, Power/Telco Kit (Great Britain and Ireland) Ships in 24-48 Hours $21.01
LK-ZBA-JP Accessory, Power/Telco Kit (Japan) Ships in 24-48 Hours $21.01
01008070L Accessories, Power supply (100-240V) Ships in 24-48 Hours $40.29
07100140L Accessories, 115V Power Transformer Ships Today $22.11
45880120L Accessories, Modem Cable (6 feet, DB-9F-DB-25M) Ships in 24-48 Hours $15.51
45880135L Accessories, Cable (ISI5634UPCI 1-4 Port Cable) Ships Today $29.27
45880140L Accessories, Cable (ISI5634UPCI 5-8 Port Cable) Ships Today $29.27
LK-ZBA-CH Accessories, Power/Telco Kit (Switzerland) Ships in 24-48 Hours $21.01
LK-ZBA-FR Accessories, Power-Telco Kit (France) Ships in 24-48 Hours $21.01
LK-ZBA-US/NAM Accessories, Power/Telco Kit (North America) Ships in 24-48 Hours $21.01
MT9234ZPX-UPCI-CP Accessories, V.92 Voice/Data/Fax World Modem (Universal PCI - 25 Modems) Ships in 24-48 Hours $2,184.07
MTCBA-C-EN-N2 Accessories, CDMA (800-1900 MHz, Sprint Unkitted Model without Antenna or Power supply) Ships in 24-48 Hours $394.03
MTCBA-C-IP-N3-NAM Accessories, CDMA 800/1900 MHz (with IP Verizon, RS-232) Ships in 24-48 Hours $342.73
MTCBA-C1-U-N2 Accessories, 800/1900 MHz CDMA Modem (USB US for Sprint CDMA Networks) Ships in 24-48 Hours $304.00
MTCBA-E1-EN2-NAM Accessories, Intelligent Edge Router Bundle (Includes US Power Plug) Ships in 24-48 Hours $358.91
MTCBA-E1-U Accessories, Edge (850/900/1800/1900 MHz, USB) Ships in 24-48 Hours $254.49
SF100-G Accessories, SMS Finder (1-Port Turnkey SMS Server-NA) Ships Today $376.52
SF800-G Accessories, 8-Port Intelligent SMS Server Ships in 24-48 Hours $1,626.66
LK-ZBA-DK Accessories, Power/Telco Kit (Denmark) Ships in 24-48 Hours $21.01
ANPB-1HRA Accessories, 3-Inch Penta-Band Antenna Ships Today $19.02
PS-9VCB-LBC-U-NAM Accessories, 110-240V AC Power supply (Changeable Blade - NAM Style) Ships Today $24.65
PS-9VCB-SBC-U-NAM Accessories, 100-240V Changeable Blade Power supply Ships in 24-48 Hours $22.33
PC-IEC320-NAM Accessories, Power cord (with US Plug) Ships Today $15.40
MTCBA-EV2-EN2-N2-NAM Accessories, Intelligent EV-DO REV A Router (Ethernet, Sprint, Bundled) Ships Today $407.76
ANCF2-1MMHW Accessories, 850/1900 MHz 1/2 Wave Antenna (Mag Mount, 12 inch, 1-Pack) Ships in 24-48 Hours $17.09
ANCF2-50HRA Accessories, Hinged Dipole Antenna (50-Pack) Ships in 24-48 Hours $352.95
Retail $443.31
Save 20%
ANF1-1HRA Accessories, 900/1800 MHz Hinged Antenna Ships in 24-48 Hours $15.40
ANQB-1HRA Accessories, 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Hinged Antenna (7 inch, 1-Pack) Ships in 24-48 Hours $19.79
CA-RJ-45 Accessories, Ethernet Cable (RJ45) Ships in 24-48 Hours $12.31
CA15-9-D Accessories, Cable (Serial, DE15-DE9 Data Only) Ships Today $15.40
FPC-532-DC Accessories, Fused DC Power Cable Ships in 24-48 Hours $15.40
MTCMRG2NAM Accessories, Intelligent GPRS Modem (850/1900 MHz, RS-232/USB - Bundled) Ships in 24-48 Hours $268.43
PC-IEC320-EURO Accessories, Power cord (with Euro Plug) Ships in 24-48 Hours $15.40
PC-IEC320-GB Accessories, Power cord (with GB Plug) Ships in 24-48 Hours $15.40
SF400-G-EU Accessories, 4-Port Intelligent SMS Server Ships in 24-48 Hours $1,113.66

MultiTech MultiModemII Details

  • Dial-up and 2-wire leased line support
  • DTMF tone detection
  • Flash memory for easy updates
  • Phone number storage
  • Remote configuration for centralized setup and management
  • Synchronous and asynchronous support
  • U.S. Caller ID reporting
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