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Opticon OPL 9714 Hand Held Computer

The Opticon OPL 9714 is equipped with a high performance laser scanner, an integrated real-time clock and a GPS module. The identified bar code data with the actual time and location is stored on the on-board memory. This data collector scans fast and accurate and can easily manage a large amount of registrations. The shape of the product provides a convenient fit. This elegant and lightweight OPL 9714 enables comfortable single-hand scanning. The LCD display allows easy readability of as many as 10 lines of information. The three buttons enable the user to navigate through the loaded application and scanned data. The OPL 9714 is sealed up to IP 54 standards and withstands drops of 1.5 meter. This makes the OPL 9714 suitable for multiple mobile applications.
OPL 9714 Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
OPL9714-00 OPL 9714, 3 key version with GPS module. See Replacement Call for Details