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Opticon’s line of barcode scanners have served an extensive line of businesses in field service, retail, manufacturing, and transportation & logistics. Opticon scanners are offered in a variety of form factors, including corded, cordless, and companion (iOS/Android). Meanwhile, their 1D (Laser) and 2D (Imager) scanning technology is amongst the best in the industry. Opticon’s barcode scanning line, along with their mobile computer line, should be able to fulfill all of your data capture needs. Check out our full line of Opticon Scanners below or call one of our experts to request a volume discount.

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Photo of Opticon RS-2006 Ring Scanner As low as
Opticon RS-2006 Ring Scanner
The RS-2006 kit is designed for left and right-handed use and consists of a modified Opticon OPN-2006 Bluetooth barcode scanner integrated into an ergonomic holder that features an adjustable finger strap. Should the need arise, the OPN-2006 scanner...
Photo of Opticon OPN2006 Scanner As low as
Opticon OPN2006
The OPN2006 enables each organization to integrate barcode companion scanning in a simple and efficient way into various mobile applications, including sales and service, retail point-of-sale (POS), inventory management, asset tracking, visitor...
Photo of Opticon PX-20 Scanner As low as
Opticon PX-20
The Opticon PX-20 Bluetooth Companion Scanner (2D Imager) enables real-time barcode scanning into any Bluetooth ready device including Android, Apple iOS and Windows. The PX-20 scanner is extremely small, easily sliding into a pocket or on a...
Photo of Opticon OPN4000i Scanner As low as
Opticon OPN4000i
The OPN-4000i is especially designed for use in combination with Apple iDevices (such as iPod, iPad and iPhone). By supporting Apple MFi a faster data transfer is realized. The OPN-4000i enables each organization to integrate barcode scanning in a...
Photo of Opticon OPN 3002i Scanner As low as
Opticon OPN 3002i
The OPN3002i Bluetooth Companion Scanner (2D Imager) enables real-time barcode scanning into any Bluetooth ready device including Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows. The OPN3002i scanner is extremely small, easily sliding into a pocket or on a...
Photo of Opticon OPC-3301i Scanner As low as
Opticon OPC-3301i
The Opticon OPC-3301i features a high speed, CCD barcode scanner and a lightweight, ergonomic design that is perfect for all day, everyday use in a wide variety of industries including retail, healthcare, warehousing and distribution, and...
Photo of Opticon L-22X Scanner As low as
Opticon L-22X
The L-22X is a cabled scanner that scans both 1D and 2D at a fast speed. Therefor this scanner is very suitable for retail and service tasks, like a check-out counter or on a service desk. This scanner is also used in some postal appliances,...
Photo of Opticon L46 As low as
Opticon L46
The L-46 is a fast hand scanner that comes with a stand, it can scan with a speed of 100 scans per second. The cables are interchangeable, making it easy to switch between USB or RS-232 interface. The scanner is delivered with either a 2D CMOS...
Photo of Opticon C-41S As low as
Opticon C-41S
The C-41S is an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications in health care, retail, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation and logistics, and hospitality.
Photo of Opticon L-50 Scanner As low as
Opticon L-50
Opticon's L-50 series of handheld barcode scanners are designed for a wide variety of retail applications. Has the perfect combination of performance, durability, and style.
Photo of Opticon M-10 Scanner As low as
Opticon M-10
The M-10, an omnidirectional 2D imager presentation scanner from Opticon, is ideal for a variety of vertical markets including retail, warehousing and health care.
Photo of Opticon OPR3201 Scanner As low as
Opticon OPR3201
The Opticon OPR3201 weighs only 80 grams, much less then other pistol-style scanners on the market today. It comes equipped with a large grip with scanning parts near the central core to stabilize hand movement and minimize user fatigue while...
Photo of Opticon C37 Scanner As low as
Opticon C37
The Opticon C37 is a durable CCD scanner with a wide optical window. With its aggressive scan engine the C37 operates at a speed of 200 scans per second. Available in black and white, this sleek scanner fits on every desk.
Photo of Opticon OPL9815 Scanner As low as
Opticon OPL9815
The OPL9815, a Bluetooth laser scanner from Opticon, features GPS, a real-time clock and 18 key operation for data-capture applications that require location and time stamps, as well as data entry. The OPL9815 is perfect for inventory, logistics,...
Photo of Opticon OPI 3301 Scanner As low as
Opticon OPI 3301
The OPI3301 is a compact handheld 2D imager using Bluetooth to communicate with other devices. This wireless device is equipped with an aggressive imager providing quick and easy scanning. The lightweight handheld design of the OPI3301 provides an...
Photo of Opticon OPN 2004 Scanner As low as
Opticon OPN 2004
The Opticon OPN 2004 features one-touch bar code scanning makes data collection simple and easy. A fully-programmable with free OPN 2004 firmware development kit optimize scanning behavior for target application, a small form-factor (2.44" x...
Photo of Opticon LGP6125 Scanner As low as
Opticon LGP6125
The LGP6125 performs at 200 scans per second and is their lightest and fastest scanner.
Photo of Opticon OPR 3301 Scanner As low as
Opticon OPR 3301
The pistol grip shape of the Opticon OPR 3301 is specifically designed for ergonomic scanning. It naturally fits in your hand and weighs about100 grams, enabling comfortable use all day. The OPR 3301 uses the widely available and reliable Bluetooth...
Photo of Opticon OPI2201 Scanner As low as
Opticon OPI2201
The Opticon OPI2201 is a lightweight CMOS auto-focus imager that provides the versatility to read standard 1D and 2D codes. The OPI2201 imager consists of a real-time adapting lens, a fast shutter speed and auto-contrast control. This auto-focus...
Photo of Opticon OPR2001 Scanner As low as
Opticon OPR2001
The Opticon OPR2001 features the MDL laser scanning engine that powers its 100 scan per second capability. The OPR2001's scanning ability is not only aggressive, but also is fully programmable providing the flexibility to enable the scanner to fit...
Photo of Opticon PX-35 Scanner As low as
Opticon PX-35
The PX-35, a portable Bluetooth 2D CMOS barcode imager from Opticon delivers quick, accurate scanning performance. It leverages Opticon auto-focus, liquid-lens technology to dramatically increase worker productivity. Bluetooth-enabled, the PX-35...
Photo of Opticon OPI-3601 Scanner As low as
Opticon OPI-3601
The Opticon OPI-3601 is a pistol style 2D CMOS imager bar code scanner supplied as a complete kit including hands free stand to allow users the option of hands free scanning or in the hand scanning. The new superior quality scan engine is...
Photo of Opticon OPN2001 Scanner As low as
Opticon OPN2001
Only 62 x 30 x 18 mm in size, Direct data storage into any USB computer system, Large internal memory,Over 10.000 codes can be stored, Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack, Lightweight (only 28 grams), Provides mobility and flexibility, Two button...
Photo of Opticon OPL 6845 R Scanner As low as
Opticon OPL 6845 R
This small 1D barcode reader features a compact and lightweight design. The OPL6845R scans 100 times per second. This high performance laser scanner provides a fast and accurate scan, even when barcodes are printed with low contrast.
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