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Opticon OPI3601

USB HID, Black


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Opticon OPI-3601 Scanner

The Opticon OPI-3601 is a pistol style 2D CMOS imager bar code scanner supplied as a complete kit including hands free stand to allow users the option of hands free scanning or in the hand scanning. The new superior quality scan engine is capable of reading even the most difficult to read bar codes, either printed or bar codes on mobile phone screens. We have developed the OPI-3601 with enhanced motion tolerance allowing for a faster scanning operation and a bright LED aiming function for simple and quick operation. To compliment its advanced performance, the OPI-3601 is capable of withstanding drops of 1.5 meters to concrete and is supported by a 2 year warranty.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: OPI3601BU1-00