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Panasonic Toughbook CF-H1 Health Accessories

Accessories for the Panasonic Toughbook H1 include chargers, cases, additional batteries, docking stations/port replicators, memory cards and more.
Toughbook CF-H1 Health Accessories
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
CF-VEBH12U Magnetic Mini-Docking Station for CF-H1 Mk2, CF-H2 Mk1 Ships Today $412.00
TBCH1SSINV-P InfoCase Inversion Strap for CF-H1, CF-H2 Ships Today $59.00
CF-VCBU11U 4 Bay Battery Charger for CF-U1 and CF-H1No AC Adapter included Ships Today $657.99
CF-AAV1601AU 12 Volt Car Adapter -CF-R1/-2/CF-Y2-Y4-5/CF-T1-2-3-4-5/CF-W2-3-4-5/CF-18/CF-19/CF-29 Ships Today $118.92
CF-VZSU53AW Battery for CF-H1, CF-H2 Mk1 Ships Today $108.01
TBCU1BPCH-P InfoCase Battery Pouch for CF-H1, CF-H2, CF-U1. Replaces (Part# TMU1-BP-P) Ships in 24-48 Hours $22.92
TBCH1SS-BLK-P InfoCase Black Shoulder Strap for CF-H1 Field, CF-H2 Ships Today $31.00
CF-VNT003U Tether for CF-H1 Ships Today $24.53
CF-VNP016U Stylus Pen (with pen hole) Ships in 24-48 Hours $324.42
CF-VNC001W Soft Cloth, Minimum order 50pc Ships Today $21.03
CF-VEBH21U Cradle PXE Boot, Bus-Powered with High-Speed Charging Capability (White) for CF-H1 Mk2, CF-H2 Mk1 Ships in 24-48 Hours $354.15
CF-VEBH11BU Cradle for CF-H1 (PXE Boot, Bus-Powered). Includes the following ports: USB (3), VGA, RJ45, serial, AC jack, cable lock slot, spare battery chargers (2) Ships in 24-48 Hours $331.91