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Form Factor

Display Type

Number of Characters


CD7220 Series Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
CD-7220GSC12110-B CD7220, Blue-Green vacuum fluorescent display, 2 line x 20 column, Serial, 9.0 mm x 5.25 mm, Space Save/Base. Color: Color: Black Ships in 24-48 Hours $124.71
Retail $198
Save 37%
CD-7220GST12110-B CD7220, Blue-Green vacuum fluorescent display, 2 line x 20 column, Serial, RS-232, 9.0 mm x 5.25 mm. Color: Gray. Ships Today $123.59
Retail $196
Save 36%
CD-7220REAR-PT57/69 CD7220, Blue-Green vacuum fluorescent REAR DISPLAY (No pole), 2 line x 20 column, 9.0 mm x 5.25 mm, Rear, Adjacent View Angle. Color: Black Ships in 24-48 Hours $110.97
Retail $180
Save 38%
CD-7220-UN-5V-B CD-7220 Series, POLE DISPLAY, POWERED 5.0V USB 2 PORT, WORKS WITH WEPOS, XP PRO, XPE Ships Today $98.64
Retail $160
Save 38%
CD-7220GST12230-B-EU CD-7220 Series, CUSTOMER POLE DISPLAY, 2X20 VF DISPLAY, STANDARD BASE, SERIAL, BLACK, 220V Ships in 24-48 Hours $160.28
Retail $260
Save 38%
CD-7220REAR-PT8800 CD-7220 Series, POLE DISPLAY, 2X20 CUSTOMER DISPLAY, FOR 8800 Ships in 24-48 Hours $110.97
Retail $180
Save 38%
CD-7220REAR-PT59 CD-7220 Series, REAR DISPLAY, 2X20 INTEGRATED CUSTOMER DISPLAY FOR 5900 SERIES Ships in 24-48 Hours $117.61
Retail $180
Save 34%

PartnerTech CD7220 Series Details

The CD-7220 customer pole display uses a vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) tube presenting bright and easy to read characters. Because of the VFD technology, the display is viewable from a wide angle. Customers will appreciate not having to remain in a fixed viewing position to see the display. The CD-7220 customer pole display has two pole sections giving you the choice of four different display heights. The display can be rotated up to 270 degrees. The head of the display can tilt up to 35 degrees maximum. The combination of these features gives you the flexibility to tailor the display position to your unique application. The CD-7220D provides Dual independent displays. You can choose to show the same or different messages with a single pole display. With two lines of twenty characters on each side, the CD-7220D can display 96 alphanumeric messages with 13 partners characters. Additionally, a software utility is provided to transfer character dot patterns to ASCII code giving you the ability to define characters and demo messages to download to the display EPROM. The CD-7220 customer pole display uses an easy to connect RS-232C serial port connection with a wide range of available communication speeds from 4800 to 38,400 bps. The CD-7220 pass-through function allows you to connect another serial device by sharing one single serial port on the host system. The CD-7220 also offers a variety of emulation modes including Epson, Aedex, Emax and Ultimate.



CD-7220D (Double Sided)
Display Method

Vacuum fluorescent

Display Color

Blue green


700 cd/m2


RS-232 Serial (D-Sub 9 pin) with pass through function*

Power Supply

12VDC +/- 5% (5V or 24V)

Power Consumption 5 watts 8 watts

FCC Class B, CE Class B, EMC Approved


25,000 hours


2 lb (.9 kg)

Viewable Angle

+/- 15 degress

Rotation Angle

Maximum 270 degrees

Character Font

5 x 7 dot matrix, comma and decimal point

Character Size

9.0 mm x 5.25 mm

Character Pitch

8.3 mm

Character Type

96 alphanumeric, 13 partners sets and one custom

Number of Characters 40 (20 columns x 2 rows) 40 (20 columns x 2 rows) x 2 sides
Notes * Standard Base includes a 9-Pin serial port. Small metal base would require an additional cable to provide this passthrough function

Product Specifications Subject to Change. Please contact us to confirm up to date information.

The PartnerTech CD7220 Series is also known as the Partner Tech CD7220 Series .