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PartnerTech SP-800
In today"s ever changing POS environment, businesses are demanding more from their POS systems. From customer relationship management to self service and everything in between, the demand for POS capabilities is higher than ever. PartnerTech has...
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PartnerTech SP1000
A fan-less 1.8 GHz dual core ATOM processor and up to 4GB of RAM are combined in an elegant touch screen unit that features some of the most advanced and cost effective features found on any POS system. By utilizing a high-power CPU, the system has...
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PartnerTech SP-1000C
The SP-1000C from PartnerTech is a high performance smart POS system designed to meet the needs of today's power hungry POS and customer service applications. The choice from the Celeron P4500 1,86GHz, i5-520M 2.4GHz to i7-620M 2.67GHz and up to 8GB...
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PartnerTech PT6215
The PartnerTech PT6215 is the complete solution for small to medium businesses. Designed from the ground up by Partner Tech to be an aordable and easy to use terminal for today's business owner, the PT6215 offers a system of fully integrated...
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PartnerTech SP-850
The SP-850 is a fanless, compact, high-performance system, fitted with a quad-core Bay Trail platform and equipped with scratch-proof projected capacitive touch screen, Housed in a beautiful and elegant aluminum body, the SP-850 provides the system...