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PartnerTech PM-116 Touch screen Monitor

The PM-116 is the new compact and modern POS Monitor. It is small and has a light weight design. The monitor has a modern and stylish design. Through various applications it fits in many different business environments such as retail, hospitality, specialty shops etc. The monitor can be used as Digital Signage, Customer Display, Touchscreen or as Operator Display as well as in many other business areas. Through the pole stand the monitor is adjustable and can be fixed easily in the required position by the individual operator.
PM-116 Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
PM-116 PM-116, Partner Tech, Digital Signage, Panel Only, Without Adapter And Cable Ships Today $273.60
PM-116-UT PM-116, Partner Tech, PM-116-Ut, Digtial Signage, Touch Panel, Adapter And Cable Included Ships in 24-48 Hours $432.00
8592010001000 PM-116 Accessories, Partner Tech, PM-116, POS Terminal, 2nd LCD On 5900/6900, Power Adapter Ships in 24-48 Hours $324.00
The PartnerTech PM-116 is also known as the Partner Tech PM-116 .