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Photo of Planar LA 1500R Monitor As low as
Planar LA 1500R
Get all the advantages of Planar's desktop LCD monitor in an embeddable, open-frame style with the LA 1500R. Ideal for cost-sensitive retail, ticketing and hospitality applications these monitors offer sharp, clear images to engage consumers. The...
Photo of Planar LA 1710R Monitor As low as
Planar LA 1710R
The 17" LA 1710R open-frame monitor is designed to be easily integrated into kiosks for retail, ticketing or hospitality applications. The LA 1710R offers all the advantages of Planar's award-winning desktop LCD monitors in an open-frame style....
Photo of Planar LA 1950R Monitor Planar LA 1950R
Easily integrated into kiosk enclosures, the thin profile LA 1950R open-frame kiosk display is compatible with mounting options using the 100 mm VESA standard. This display is ideal for informational kiosks where a touch screen is not needed, such...
Photo of Planar LB 1503R Monitor Planar LB 1503R
The 15" LB 1503R open-frame kiosk display is designed to be easily integrated by kiosk integrators and OEMs into kiosks for retail, point-of-information, surveillance or hospitality applications. The extremely bright 15" open-frame display invites...
Photo of Planar LC 1713R Monitor Planar LC 1713R
The 17" LC 1713R open frame, LCD touchscreen monitor has full sunlight view ability, making it ideal for outdoor kiosks, signage, and control panel applications. Four different video input modes offer great flexibility. The LCD has almost instant...
Photo of Planar PL 1700M Monitor Planar PL 1700M
The Planar 17" PL 1700M is ideal for small and medium corporate business leaders and the applications that make their businesses succeed. The PL 1700M features a thin, professional design and an analog video input. Integrated TrueMedia speakers work...
Photo of Planar PL 1900 Monitor Planar PL 1900
The Planar PL 1900 19" LCD monitor features a thin, professional design, huge 19" display area with extra room for viewing multiple applications at the same time. Sharp images and lifelike color performance and a fast response time make your email,...
Photo of Planar PL 1920M Monitor As low as
Planar PL 1920M
The Planar PL 1920M LCD monitor features, one BNC input/output, one S-Video input/output, one analog input and integrated speakers which makes it ideal for security, surveillance, gaming or other video applications. The PL 1920M has a thin,...
Photo of Planar PLL 2210MW Monitor As low as
Planar PLL 2210MW
The PLL 2210MW widescreen LED monitor delivers cutting edge technologies and design especially suited for health care environments. This slim, white space-saving monitor will fit seamlessly in any hospital or medical office, and features a wide...
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