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Posiflex JIVA5800

15 inch Touch Terminal (1 GHz, 256MB DDR and Windows XP PRO)

POS Touch Computer
This part is replaced by KS6315T4WXP-AT.
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Posiflex JIVA5800 POS Touch Computer

The Posiflex JIVA5800 Touch Terminal is a high-performance workstation which easily operates both packaged and custom-designed customer applications targeted toward the hospitality, retail and kiosk industries. The JIVA5800 terminal is capable of handling applications needing a high level of processing power. The JIVA5800 uses an Intel processor and supports embedded Windows CE and XP. The JIVA5800's space-saving footprint makes it ideal for virtually any location, including those with very close clearances.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: TP5815T4WXP-AT