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Posiflex JIVA8000

15" AccuTouch Touch Terminal, 2 GHz Celeron processor, 40GB HD, 256MB RAM, no OS installed

POS Touch Computer
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Posiflex JIVA8000 POS Touch Computer

The Posiflex JIVA8000 features a blazing fast 2 GHz Intel Celeron processor and the option of 256 or 512 MB memory. The JIVA8000 also offers a choice of 15" touch interfaces, including a resistive version and a scratch-free infrared version. The spill-proof construction keeps the JIVA8000 working even when coming into contact with liquids or other potentially damaging materials, making it a great choice for restaurant and hospitality installations. The base includes space for an optional UPS battery plus a primary hard drive - store all your data in one location and keep it running no matter what!

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: TP8015R4NOS-AT