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Preh KeyTec MC-111 Keyboard

The Preh KeyTec MC-111 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

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prehmci111 MC-111, The Preh-KeyTec MCI 111 is a compact alphanumeric keyboard featuring integrated OCR and MSR modules. Advanced ergonomic design of the keyboard allows for an easy bi-directional swipe by the user. The MCI 111 is designed for reading passports, visa data, utility bills, bank checks, credit and debit card data, and all other personal documents containing data on a magnetic stripe or in OCR-A or B format. The (optional) 2D barcode reader reads labels, tickets and all similar items. Our keyboards are ideal for use in custom control areas at border crossings, airline ticket counters or cashier stations at utility companies. Use of the MCI 111 keyboard assures perfect reading of all information stored in machine readable documents. Check Availability Call for Details
The Preh KeyTec MC-111 is also known as the Preh KeyTec USA MC-111 .