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PSC LM520 Scanner

The LM520 Scanner is a compact, decoded, single-line scanner in a sealed rugged aluminum enclosure for fixed position, unattended or embedded scanning applications, such as conveyor, analyzers, or vending machines. Includes PSC advanced RapidStart circuitry, RS-232, good read/no read result switches and four scanning modules, including LaserSense, for automatic scanning. Each unit ships with one user's guide.
LM520 Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
07200101-0100-1106 LM520 Unattended, Barcode scanner (with RS-232 Interface and 6 ft. DB-25 Cable with Adapter) Check Availability Call for Details
07200101-0100-1105 LM520, RS-232 interface. Includes power supply, 6 ft. RS-232 cable (DB-25 with DB-9 adapter) & beeper. Check Availability Call for Details
07200101-0100-1102 LM520, Barcode scanner, Power supply, RS-232 cable (8-0444-02), No beep Check Availability Call for Details
07200101-0100-1000 LM520 Unattended, LM520, 650NM, RS-232 NO ACCESS Check Availability Call for Details
07200101-0100-0000 LM520, Standard range, RS-232 interface Check Availability Call for Details

PSC LM520 Details

Compact, Complete Scanning System
The LM520 Scanner is a compact, decoded, single- line scanner for fixed- position or embedded applications, such as conveyor, library, document tracking, chemical and blood analyzers, vending machines, POS terminals, and other attended or unattended scanning applications.

The LM520 is a complete scanning system, ready to plug in and scan. The LM520 presents a fast, easy and low- cost way to incorporate scanning into any application where you need to read a bar code.

High Performance, Reliable Scan Module
The LM520 is designed around LM520 Plus scan module. Consistent, reliable scanning performance is achieved with its retroreflective optical design, which uses a frictionless, electromagnetic dithering mirror to direct laser light to its target. This design is highly reliable and consumes less power than competitive models.

Advanced RapidStart™ circuitry creates the fastest start- of-scan in the industry, giving snappy performance and a reduction in misreads at start up An impressive read range, from 2.0 to 36.0 inches (5.1 to 91.4 cm) and excellent pitch and skew angles makes this scanner suitable for many tightly specified bar code reading applications.

Rugged Aluminum Enclosure
Measuring only 1.35 x 2.00 x 2.53 inches (3.4 x 5.1 x 6.4 cm) and weighing only 5.4 oz. (153 g), the compact LM520 fits in almost any fixed-position or embedded application. And the LM520 's rugged extruded aluminum enclosure protects the scanner from mechanical shock, and seals it from dust and moisture.

Convenient Integration Features
System integration is made easy with the LM520 's unique mounting design. Six mounting grooves, in the scanner's sealed enclosure, enable mounting on any one of four sides. A mounting kit, containing special mounting studs and lock nuts, come with every scanner.

To assure reliable integration, the LM520 uses an industry standard RS232C interface, which allows the scanner to be mounted up to 50 feet (15.2 m) from the host system. Good read/no read result switches make integration with other automation control equipment a snap. These convenient design features help reduce implementation time and the costs associated with developing complicated integrated solutions.

Four separate Triggering Modes
Four separate triggering modes can be used to scan a bar code:

  • An external switch, such as an output line from a Programmable Logic Connector (PLC)
  • Software commands from the host system
  • The LM520 can be set to scan continuously
  • The LM520 also uses a unique PSC motion detection technique called LaserSense™ to only scan when an object is passed in front of the scanner.

The various modes are selected via host commands or simple bar code programming labels.