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Accessories for the ZonePlanner software.
ZonePlanner Accessories
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
902-0182-0003 Accessories, Spare, Outdoor Mounting Bracket, Bare Metal, Any-Angle, 7762-AC, 7762, 7782-series, 7781-CM, Qty 1 Ships Today $75.00
902-0180-US00 Accessories, Spares of Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injector (10/100/1000 Mbps) quantity of 1 unit (7762 and 7782-series access points), US Plug Ships Today $100.00
902-0110-0000 Accessories, Kit, Narrow Acoustic Ceiling Rail Clips (9/16"), converts 7982, 7372, or 7352 in-box hardware for narrow T-bar. Also works with 902-0166-0000 kit. Quantity of 10 Ships Today $30.00
902-0181-0001 Accessories, Slim T-Bar Mounting Bracket for Flat Drop-Ceiling Tiles, Mounting Kit for 7341, 7343, 7363 (NOTE: not a replacement for 902-0166-0000) Ships Today $10.00
902-0185-0000 Accessories, Spare Weatherized AC Connector for 7762-AC, 7782-series, and 8800, contains 4-pin AC connector Ships Today $50.00
902-0184-0000 Accessories, Spare, Passive PoE Injector, 10/100/1000Base-T, 7762, 7731, 7782-series, No Power Adapter Ships in 24-48 Hours $50.00
902-0183-0000 Accessories, Spare Data Connector for 7762-AC, 7782-series, 8800, contains 1 weatherizing data cable gland Ships Today $15.00
902-0179-AC00 Accessories, Spare AC Power supply for ZD5000 (use with 902-0174-US00 Power cord) Ships in 24-48 Hours $700.00
902-0176-0000 Accessories, Spare Fan Set for ZD5000 (6 fans) Ships in 24-48 Hours $800.00
902-0175-DC00 Accessories, Spare DC Power supply for ZD5000 Ships in 24-48 Hours $1,000.00
902-0174-US00 Accessories, Spare of IEC Power cord (for use with ZD5000 & SCG200 AC Power supply), US Plug Ships in 24-48 Hours $11.00
902-0103-0000 Accessories, ZF7761-CM Accessory Cable, 12VDC Input & Manual Push-Button Reset Cable Ships in 24-48 Hours $175.00
902-0101-0000 Accessories, Mounting Kit, Aerial Strand-Universal Kit for Fiber Node, ZF7761-CM, ZF7762, ZF7762-AC. Includes, strand hanger brackets, sun shade, spacer and 2 outdoor rated data cables. Ships in 24-48 Hours $599.00