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Brecknell NCI 7050 Scale

The NCI 7050 uses Quartzell technology to produce fast, high-resolution results. US Postal Service bulk customers benefit from the alpha-numeric display and keyboard, rendering weight data instantly available. The NCI 7050 helps processes become more productive with sampling and counting of bulk lots.
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9511-16622 7050, 50lb, 12" x 14" bulk sampling scale. Ships in 7+ Days $1,001.78
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Brecknell NCI 7050 Details

Features Functions
  • Quartzell® technology – Highest speed and resolution in the industry allows the most accurate computation.
  • Contruction – Die cast aluminum enclosure and load bridge ensures long life.
  • Dot Matrix Backlit LCD Display – Presentation of data is in alphanumeric format. Contrast is adjustable.
  • Serial I/O Ports – RS-232 for printer output.
  • Last Transaction Memory – Stores data from previous transaction for instant recall and review.
  • Control Keys – 0-9 keypad plus decimal, ENTER, CLEAR, TARE, ZERO, ESCAPE.
  • Manual Data Entry – Allows keypad manual entry of weight, tare, piece weight, pieces per unit weight, and I.D. number.
  • Single Unit Weighing – Can weigh individual pieces by 0.001 lb, 0.01 oz, or 0.0005 kg.
  • Remote Scale Input – Electronically interfaces, via RS-485 port, to high-capacity Quartzell® base.
  • Selectable Units of Measure – lbs, oz, kg, lb/oz
  • Piece Weight Computation – Will automatically calculate weight per piece to 6 decimal places in lb/pc, oz/pc, kg/pc.
  • Pieces Per Unit Weight Computation – Will automatically calculate number of pieces per unit weight to 999999.9 pc/lb, pc/kg.
  • Counting – Will automatically count pieces on the weight platform or on a remote scale, or compute count based on manual weight entry. Counting can be accomplished by sampling or manual entry of piece weight.
  • Print – Pressing 'Print' key sends all measured, computed, and entered data, including I.D. number to label printer.
  • Sampling – By programmable preset or key entry up to 999.
The Brecknell NCI 7050 is also known as the Salter Brecknell NCI 7050 .