Scout topShelf Inventory Software

topShelf is a Cloud-based inventory software application that provides complete oversight and control over your business from any device that has an internet connection. topShelf works in the way you do business, allowing you to automate some of your most tedious tasks: -Seamlessly integrate accounting, CRM systems, logistics software, and e-commerce platforms. -Set e-mail depletion and replenishment alerts. -Customized forecasting feature to plan ahead and make smart business decisions. -Detailed reporting functions including lot recall, asset summaries, and cycle counts. topShelf is Cloud-based supply chain management software that puts the tools you need for inventory management at your fingertips.
topShelf Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
TSPlus+ topShelf Plus, With topShelf Plus+ you can: create purchase orders/sales orders, receive products, pick/pack/ship products, create reports, manage serialized assets, and integrate your barcode scanner or smartphone scanner. Also excellent for asset management. Pricing is for one (1) year. Ships Free Today $600.00
TSADV1 topShelf Advance, With topShelf Advanced you can do everything that topShelf Plus can do plus: lot control, LIFO/FIFO/Perisable inventory, create advanced reports, control user permissions, manage multiple sites, manage bin types, get email alerts, and import/export data. Pricing is for one (1) year. Ships Free Today $828.00
TSUNL1 topShelf Unleashed, With topShelf Unleased you can do everything that topShelf Enterprise can do pluse these features: lot/serial number generation, master document management, reorder points, SKU number cross reference, wave picking, customized fields, 3PL customer portal, clone transactions, and shipment tracking. Pricing is for one (1) year. Ships Free Today $1,800.00
TSCH1 topShelf Chec In/Out, Check In/Check Out. Move items to and from User/Location. Pricing is for one (1) year. Ships Free Today $695.00
TSENT1 topShelf Enterprise, With topShelf Enterprise you can do everything that topShelf Advance can do plus these features: manage returns, print barcode labels, build kits/BOM, build pallets/cartons, cross reference, cycle counting, advanced reprt writer, license plates, manage tasks, manage work order, and provide proof of delivery. topShelf Enterprise is required for all E-Commerce, CRM, or Accounting integrations. Perfect for warehouse management. Pricing is for one (1) year. Ships Free Today $1,440.00