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BCI Ribbons (12034112-R-Compatible)
Bar code RibbonBCI Ribbons
Ribbons, 12034112-R-Compatible Ribbon. Wax-Resin Ribbon, (4.1 inch x 6,000 inch) for the 3400-3440-3600-8646-F4 Printers. SINGLE ROLL. Also available as a case (Part# 12034112-COMPATIBLE) (I41500WR).
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Intermec ThermaMax 2202 Mid-Range (12034112-R)
Bar code RibbonIntermec ThermaMax 2202 Mid-Range
ThermaMax 2202 Mid-Range, 4.094" x 1000' Black Wax-Resin Ribbon. Compatible with Industrial Printers. Single ribbon. Used with polypropylene labels.
Ships Today $21.81
BCI Ribbon (12034112-COMPATIBLE)
Bar code RibbonBCI Ribbon
Ribbon, 12034112-CASE-COMPATIBLE, Replacement for Premium Ribbon (4.1 inch x 1000 ft) for the 100-4000-4100 Printers. 24 rolls/case. Also available as a single roll (Part# 12034112-R-COMPATIBLE).
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