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Unitech HT680 Mobile Computer Accessories (5000-603529G)
AccessoriesUnitech HT680 Mobile Computer Accessories
HT680 Mobile Computer Accessories, USB Cradle / 1-Slot, USB Cable
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Unitech HT680 Compare With History Bundle (HT680-COMPARE-WITH-HISTORY)
Hand Held ComputerUnitech HT680 Compare With History Bundle
HT680 Compare With History Bundle, HT680 mobile computer with Barcode Compare (with History) software allows users to quickly and easily compare multiple barcodes. Simply scan them and the device will indicate whether or not they match. It will even keep a log of every barcode scanned during the entire session. COMPLETE KIT: Bundle includes HT680 mobile computer (Part# HT680-H550UARG), USB Cradle (Part# 5000-603529G), and Barcode Compare (With History) software.
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Unitech HT 680 (HT680-H550UARG)
Hand Held ComputerUnitech HT 680
HT 680, -H550UARG Intel Xscale CPU, 520 MHz, 512/128 MB, 2D Imager, Windows CE 5.0 Professional Plus, Comm Bluetooth with USB Cradle (5000-603529G), USB Cable (1550-900021G) and Power supply (1010-601959G).
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