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Symbol AP 5131 (AP-5131-13040-WW)
Access PointSymbol AP 5131
AP 5131, Dual Radio: Radio Only If using non PoE (Part# 50-14000-243R) and (Part# 50-16000-182R) are required. Antennas not included. See accessories.
See Replacement
Motorola AP 5131 (SNB-5131FL-P-1)
Access PointMotorola AP 5131
AP 5131, Access Point Bundle: 1 AP5131 Sensor (Part# AP-5131-13040-Ww) & External Dual-Band Paddle Antennas (Part# Ml-2452-Apa2-01), 1 Base Wips License (Part# Ad-Snfl-P-1), Requires 1 Year Service Agreement For Each Component.
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