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Symbol (BTRY-MC30KAB02-02)
MC30XX High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery (2X), 4400 mAh (Works with all MC30XX Configurations). Purchase battery door KT-82600-01R for straight shooter and rotating head configurations, purchase battery door KT-93480-01R for Gun configurations.
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Symbol (KT-82600-01R)
KIT: MC3000 2X Battery Door, Strap and Stylus. For use with straight shooter and rotating head configurations only. Associated battery is BTRY-MC30KAB02-02.
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Symbol (KT-93480-01R)
MC3090-G Battery Door and Strap for use with a double-capacity, thicker battery. For use in pistol-grip/gun configuration only. Use with battery (Part# BTRY-MC30KAB02-02).
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