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Opticon OPR 3301 Accessories (CRD3301WRU-00)
AccessoriesOpticon OPR 3301 Accessories
OPR 3301 Accessories, Bluetooth charging and communications cradle. Includes cables. Color: White
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Opticon (OPI3301WBT-05)
Bar code ScannerOpticon
CMOS 2D Imager, Autofocus, Cordless. Cradle sold separately (Part# CRD3301WRU-00). Color: White
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Retail $399
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Opticon OPI3301 (OPI3301)
Bar code ScannerOpticon OPI3301
OPI3301, Scanner Only, CMOS 2D Imager, Cordless. Cradle sold separately (Part# CRD3301WRU-00)
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