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Cognex (DMA-24VPWR-US)
24V Power supply for Intelligent Base Station, US
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Cognex Dataman 9500 (DMR-9500-00)
Hand Held ComputerCognex Dataman 9500
Dataman 9500, Base Station Requires 24V Power supply (Part# DMA-24VPWR-US), Sold Separately. If Using Outside of US, Contact for Correct Power supply.
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Cognex Power Scan D 8500 (DMR-8500-0400)
Bar code ScannerCognex Power Scan D 8500
Power Scan D 8500, DataMan 8500 Handheld Ready with Wireless Slid-in Module. Includes Intelligent Base Station, and handheld battery. Intelligent Base Station requires the separate purchase of either the (Part# DM8500-USB-00) cable with the (Part# DMA-24VPWR-US) power supply or the (Part# DM8000-RS-232-02) or (Part# DM8000-RS-232-05) with the (Part# DMA-24VPWR-US) power supply.
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