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Motorola MC 75A (MC75A0-PU0SWRQA9WR)
This part is replaced by MC55A0-P20SWRQA9WR.
Hand Held ComputerMotorola MC 75A
MC 75A, MC75 Handheld Terminal - Intel Xscale 624 MHz - 256 Mb RAM - 1 Gb Flash - 3.5" VGA LCD - Numeric Keyboard - Infrared, Bluetooth
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Motorola MC 75A (MC75A0-PU0SWRQA9WR-KIT)
Hand Held ComputerMotorola MC 75A
MC 75A, Starter kit bundle that includes the PDT (MC75 Wireless Enterprise Digital Assistant 802.11a/b/g, 1D, 256MB/1GB, Numeric, Windows Mobile 6.5, 1.5X) and all starter accessories
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