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Symbol (SAC9000-4000R)
MC90XX 4-Slot battery charger. Charges 4 spare batteries. Must also order separately power supply (Part# PWRS-14000-242R), DC Cable (Part# 25-72614-01R), and AC Line Cord (Part# 23844-00-00R). If charging a spare MC90XX-S spare battery also order (Part# BAP9000-100R).
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Honeywell MC90/MC91 Replacement Battery (HCH-9006-CHG)
AccessoriesHoneywell MC90/MC91 Replacement Battery
MC90/MC91 Replacement Battery, MOTOROLA MC90XX & MC91XX G & K, 6-BAY BATTERY CHARGER, POWER SUPPLY INCLUDED, OEM (Part# SAC9000-4000R), SAC9000-400CES
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Honeywell (HCH-9006-BUND)
MOTOROLA MC90XX & MC91XX G & K, 7.4V, CHARGER/BATTERY BUNDLE, 6-BAY CHRGR (Part# HCH-9006-CHG) with 6 MC9000 REPLACEMENT BATTERIES (Part# HMC9000-LI (24)), OEM (Part# SAC9000-4000R), (Part# SAC9000-400CES)
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Symbol (25-72614-01R)
DC Line Cord for 4-Slot Battery Charger (Part# SAC9000-4000R), works with Power supply (Part# 50-14000-242R), for MC9090/MC9097/MC9190-G.
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Symbol (CHS9000-4001CR)
MC90XX 4 Slot Cradle - Charges 4 terminals only. Order (Part# SAC9000-4000R) for spare battery charging. Must also order separately (Part# 50-14000-241R) (power supply), (Part# 50-16002-029R) (DC Cable), and (Part# 23844-00-00R) (AC Line Cord).
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Symbol (50-14000-242R)
Power supply for 4-Slot Battery Charger (Part# SAC9000-4000R), works with DC Line Cord (Part# 25-72614-01R). Must purchase 3 Wire GROUNDED AC line cord separately. See link to grounded line cords for country specific cords. Compatible with MC9090/MC9097.
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Symbol (BAP9000-100R)
Spare Battery Adapter for MC90XX-S (Needed in order to charge a MC90XX-S spare battery in the CRD9000-1001SR or SAC9000-4000R)
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Symbol (SAC9000-400R)
MC9000 Battery Charger Kit: Includes 4 Slot Battery Charger (SAC9000-4000R), Power supply (50-14000-242R), DC Line Cord (25-72614-01R) and US AC Line Cord (23844-00-00R).
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