SIIG Connectivity Products

SIIG is a leading manufacturer of quality computer connectivity products and brings to market a broad range of IT and AV upgrade products. These products establish the connection, or increase the bandwidth capability between a computer system and its connected external devices. SIIG's reputation for quality is achieved through strict control and careful supervision of their manufacturing process to assure the highest level of reliability and functionality. SIIG Connectivity Products logo

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Photo of SIIG Cables As low as
SIIG Cables
Various cables from SIIG
Photo of SIIG Wired/Wireless Keyboards As low as
SIIG Wired/Wireless Keyboards
Wired and wireless keyboards from SIIG
Photo of SIIG Video Extenders SIIG Video Extenders
Various audio/video extenders from SIIG.
Photo of SIIG Converters As low as
SIIG Converters
Converters from SIIG
Photo of SIIG Splitters/Amplifiers As low as
SIIG Splitters/Amplifiers
Splitters and distribution amplifiers from SIIG
SIIG Parts
Products and parts from SIIG.
Photo of SIIG TV and Display Mounts As low as
SIIG TV and Display Mounts
Photo of SIIG Adapters As low as
SIIG Adapters
Audo, Hard-Drive, and other adapters
Photo of SIIG PC Card As low as
PCI, PCMCIA, and other cards for computers