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Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
AC-X00279 Switching power adapter for siig adapters Ships Free Today $19.99
CB-000042-S1 HDMI (m) to DVI (f) adapter, HDMI 19p/m to DVI 24+key/f adapter Ships Free Today $12.99
CB-000061-S1 DVI to VGA adapter, DVI to VGA adapter, DVI-m to db15f Ships Free Today $15.69
Retail $19.99
Save 21%
CB-896111-S2 Firewire 800, 9-6 adapter Ships Free Today $17.74
Retail $19.99
Save 11%
CB-PW0311-S1 Lp4 to PCIe video card power adapter Ships Free Today $8.99
JU-000051-S1 USB to printer adapter, adds a parallel printer port to any USB-equIPped system Ships Free Today $25.25
JU-000061-S1 USB to serial-value adapter, add one 9-pin serial port to USB-equIPped computer system Ships Free Today $24.07
JU-000071-S1 USB 2.0 to VGA adapter, adds a second display port via USB 2.0 Ships Free Today $46.78
JU-EC0032-S1 Active expresscard/34 adapter, allows USB-based expresscard adapters to work in cardbus PC card slots Ships Free Today $20.25
JU-SA0012-S1 USB 2.0 to SATA/ide, adds SATA or ide/ultra dma drives to USB 2.0 equIPped systems
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
SC-SA0H12-S1 3.5" to dual 2.5" drive bay adapter, adds two 2.5" drives to any 3.5" drive bay Ships Free Today $15.00
Retail $24.99
SC-SA0Q12-S1 SATA TO IDE Adapter Ships Free Today $12.99
SC-SA0512-S1 Ide to SATA hdd adapter, adds a newer SATA hard drive to ide/ultra ata equIPped systems Check Availability Call for Details
SC-SA0112-S1 SATA-to-ide adapter, adds ide/ultra dma drives to SATA equIPped system Check Availability Call for Details
NN-8US212-S2 Firewire 800 high speed USB combo, 2.0 PCI host adapter Check Availability Call for Details
LP-U22011-S2 Low profile USB 2.0, 3-port (2 external/1internal) adapter Check Availability Call for Details
JU-ACB012-S2 Keyboard, USB to ps/2 adapter, adds two ps/2 ports for keyboard and mouse to USB equipped computers Check Availability Call for Details
JU-000022-S1 USB to expresscard bay, add a front-accessible expresscard slot (USB based) to desktop systems Check Availability Call for Details
JU-000012-S1 USB to expresscard adapter, adds support for USB-based expresscard/54/34 adapters to any USB equIPped computer Check Availability Call for Details