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SimplyRFiD NoxCore Server RFID Software

NoxCore is an item tracking system. A unique RFID (Radio Frequency ID) tag is placed on each asset/item and those items are then tracked by the NoxCore software system. The NoxCore uses ATA"s (Asset Tracking Appliances / Servers), RFID Readers, Video Cameras, and remote sensors ranging from sonar systems to electronic eyes.

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NoxCore Server Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
NOX-COREX NoxCore Server, Per Server License. Includes one Nox-CoreZ license. Included with NOX-ATA. Ships Free Today $600.00
Retail $5500
Save 89%
NOX-COREP NoxCore Server, NoxCore Tag Printer License - Each printer connected to a Nox Server. Requires Nox-CoreX Ships Free Today $750.00
Retail $900
Save 16%
NOX-COREW NoxCore Server, NoxCore Process License - NoxDoD, NoxConveyor, NoxVault, NoxCICO. Require Nox-CoreX Ships Free Today $1,600.00
NOX-COREZ NoxCore Server, NoxCore Zone License - Monitoring/recording exit/entry doors. Requires Nox-CoreX Ships Free Today $600.00
Retail $700
Save 14%