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Socket CF Connection Kit Hand Held Computer

CF Connection Kit from Socket adds Bluetooth wireless technology to your Pocket PC with a simple plug-in to your CompactFlash (CF) interface. CF Connection Kit enables you to wirelessly connect your Pocket PC to a Bluetooth-enabled barcode scanner, GPS receiver or other serial device. You can also connect to another Bluetooth-enabled PDA or computer to exchange business cards, browse and share files, or synchronize data with ActiveSync. CF Connection Kit also allows you to enjoy the convenience of wireless email, Internet, and LAN access via connection to a Bluetooth cell phone, modem or LAN access point. You can even send files wirelessly to a printer or mobile printing application. The kit includes a complete suite of software for Windows Mobile that makes it effortless to create, configure, and manage your Bluetooth connections.
CF Connection Kit Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
BL4540-643 CF Connection Kit, 20-Pack Check Availability Call for Details
BL4538-641 CF Connection Kit, Bluetooth 2.45 GHz ISM band frequency hopping, 30 feet (10 meters) range, CompactFlash interface, CSR BC02-EXT chipset, Integrated Antenna, and WEEE compliant Check Availability Call for Details
The Socket CF Connection Kit is also known as the Socket CF Connection Kit .