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Socket CF Scan Card 5E Hand Held Computer

CF Scan Card 5E from Socket adds affordable barcode scanning to your Pocket PC device. Based on miniature Linear CMOS Imaging technology from Symbol Technologies, the CF Scan Card 5E scans all popular linear barcode symbologies and consumes only 57mA of power during scanning to maximize battery life. SocketScan keyboard emulation software sends decoded data to any Windows application as virtual keystrokes. The integrated Type II CF card and scanner plugs into the Type II CompactFlash slot of Windows powered Pocket PCs. With the optional CF-to-PC card adapter, CF Scan Card 5E can also be used in pen tablets or laptops. CF Scan Card 5E requires no extra batteries or special power adapter.
CF Scan Card 5E Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
IS5030-621 CF Scan Card 5E, With ADAPTER Check Availability Call for Details
IS5024-608 CF Scan Card 5E, CompactFlash card, PCMCIA kit, includes Installation utility, SocketScan with keyboard emulation for Palm and Windows Mobile, Socket Floating Trigger for Windows Mobile. See Replacement Call for Details
The Socket CF Scan Card 5E is also known as the Socket CF Scan Card 5E .