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Sony SNC-ER580 Security Camera

The Sony-Electronics SNC-ER580 is a 1080p, endless 360 degree, Network HD Rapid Dome Indoor Camera with 20x optical zoom. The SNC-ER580 camera supports three compression formats: JPEG is the best choice for high-quality still images, MPEG-4 provides clear video images over limited-bandwidth networks, and H.264 is the alternative for severely limited-bandwidth networks, with twice the efficiency of MPEG-4. Sony"s DEPA (Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture) technology allows the SNC-ER580 to send not only images but also related metadata, including object size and position, to the DEPA-enabled recorder. Unlike conventional analytic systems, where all of the image processing is performed by the recorder, DEPA thereby avoids CPU overload.
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The Sony SNC-ER580 is also known as the Sony SNC-ER580 .