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Sony TR4085PLUS Wax-resin

4.17" x 1476', 1" CORE, ZEBRA COMPATIBLE, 24 rolls/case. OEM (Part# 02100BK11045) (Part# 05319BK11045). Also available as a single roll (Part# TRZ104171476-R).

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Sony Ribbon

These premium wax, resin and wax-resin ribbons are designed to print on a wide variety of receiving materials, including coated and uncoated paper labels and tags, varnished label stock and films. Sony ribbons offer excellent bar code scanning with sharp, reliable images at a wide variety of printing speeds. Sony printer ribbons will outperform other ribbons in extreme environments. Powerful resistance against smearing and chemicals make Sony printer ribbons a perfect choice for your demanding environments.

Manufacturer part number: TRZ104171476