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Star TSP800IIRx

TSP847IIE3-24 GRY RX US, Thermal, PRINTER, 2 COLOR, Cutter/Tear bar, LAN, GRAY, PAPER LOCK, INCLUDES PS PS60A-24B EXTERNAL Power supply AND NEW LAN IFBD-HE07 INCLUDED, REPLACES 39444530. Also known as TSP847IIE3-24 GRY RX-US.


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Star TSP800 RX Printer

The Secured Star TSP800 RX prints faster than a laser printer, produces output that is clearer than an inkjet printer and is smaller than a shoe box so it is a true space saver. In addition, the Secured Star TSP800 RX will only print what you need, saving you time and money with your printer consumables.

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Manufacturer part number: 39441130