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Star TSP847

Thermal, two-color printing, 6 ips, parallel interface. Includes auto-cutter. Order cables & power supply separately. See accessories. Color: white. Formerly sold as TSP847C-24.

This part is replaced by 39443700.
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Star TSP 800 Series: TSP847 Printer

The TSP 800 Series: TSP847 thermal printers are packaged in a small footprint and are ideal for POS, credit card, restaurant, bar code, hospitality, ticketing, label, and kiosk applications. Its 4.4 inch wide paper width facilitates much more information on a receipt than conventional 3 inch paper. The super fast 150 mm/sec print speed makes it one of the fastest in the industry (customer wait time is significantly decreased). The TSP 800 Series: TSP847 comes with a heavy-duty cutter, which makes it a perfect candidate for ticketing applications. It features internal and external paper loading (through the rear of the printer). The TSP 800 Series: TSP847 also has logo store capability, which adds professionalism to the receipt and will help decrease the total print time. An optional wall or shelf mount bracket allows the TSP 800 Series: TSP847 to be placed anywhere it is needed or will fit for a space-saving option. All TSP 800 Series: TSP847's are equipped with a cartridge type interface, which in turn makes changing the interface a snap, especially for end users.

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Manufacturer part number: 39443101