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To meet the growing demand for wireless POS solutions, Star is excited to introduce its WiFi Power Pack. The WiFi Power Pack is designed to make any Star LAN interface printer "wireless" in a cost effective way without a lot of messy cables. This, in turn, enables the Star printer using the WiFi Power Pack to connect with tablets, smart phones and other portable electronic wireless devices. The included wireless router conveniently shares the wireless connection around small to medium size businesses at 150Mbps. The WiFi Power Pack's tiny size makes it ideal for installation and is powerful enough to satisfy almost any basic wireless application requirement. Its compact size and consumer-friendly software setup utility makes it easy to integrate with existing Star LAN printers. Powered by the printer's cash drawer kick port, the WiFi Power Pack avoids an additional power outlet, eliminating the possibility of tangled cables. The WiFi Power Pack includes a DK-USB power module and a TP Link wireless router.
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99250000 Wi-Fi Power Pack, Wi-Fi Power Pack Kit for LAN Printers Ships Today $58.15
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The Star WiFi Power Pack is also known as the Star Micronics WiFi Power Pack .