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Symbol P300STD A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Symbol P300STD.
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LS3000 Series

Different models in Symbol`s LS3000 Series turn compatible Symbol handheld scanners into a flexible hands-free and handheld scanning system. LS3000 Series models are compatible with versions of Symbol`s LS 3000MX retail point-of-purchase scanners and the LS3000 industrial scanners, which incorporate Symbol`s advanced Mylar® scan element technology. LS3000 models are:

Easy to use -- By placing the scanner in the LS3000 , it becomes a hands-free presentation scanner -- simply bring the bar code to the scan line. Just place the scanner in the LS3000 and it goes on and stays on; there`s no need to trigger the scanner for operation. Remove the scanner from the LS3000 and it becomes the ideal handheld bar code scanner.

Perfect for mixed merchandise environments -- Use the scanner in the LS3000 for small items and hang-tags. Remove it and use it in the handheld mode for scanning bulky items.

Designed with a small footprint -- The LS3000 Series occupies almost no counter space. There`s a model that`s ideal for every environment.

Freestanding LS3000

Freestanding versions require no installation and offer adjustable height and tilt angles. Reversible cradle permits use on either side of the terminal. Available in standard and tall versions.

Slide-Under LS3000

The base of this model slides under the terminal, leaving no footprint at the POS counter or desktop. The slide-under model offers adjustable height and tilt angles, and the reversible cradle permits use on either side of the terminal. Available in standard and tall versions.

Table-Top Holder

The LS 3000 table-top holder consists of a molded plastic cradle with a rubber insert that protects the scanner against the wear and tear of multiple insertions. On the bottom of the holder is peel-away adhesive tape that binds quickly and securely to the countertop. Mounting holes are provided so that the holder can be secured with screws. A wall-bracket version is also available for customers with limited counter space -- this model may be installed on the wall or against the counter edge.

Reversible Belt Clip/Holster

Symbol gives LS 3000 users two choices for portable scanner storage: a reversible belt clip or holster. The belt clip provides a low profile means of storing the scanner in portable applications and is reversible so that it`s equally convenient for a right-handed or left-handed operator. The holster provides the same function as the clip, but the scan head is held in the holster, leaving the handle free for quick access. It also adapts to left- or right-hand use.

Protective Boot

Designed to make the LS 3000 even more rugged, the protective boot is made of lightweight Cordura®, and slips easily over the scanner. It affords added protection without degrading the overall ergonomics. The protective boot also has a sewn-in loop to allow overhead suspension, a feature which is especially useful on loading docks and forklifts because suspending the scanner eliminates the possibility of dropping it.

Multi-Mount Stand

The multi-mount stand provides a number of mounting options for the LS 3000. The stand can rest unmounted on a countertop or be secured with screws. Its design also permits wall mounting or mounting against the side of the counter.

The LS 3000 multi-mount stand is constructed of metal and has a rubber overcoat to protect the scanner.

LS 3000 Scanner Series Accessories

LS3000 Part Numbers

For LS 3000 Series

Freestanding -- Standard Height (5-8 inches, 13-20 cm)


Freestanding -- Tall Height (9-16 inches, 23-41 cm)


Slide-Under -- Standard Height (5-8 inches, 13-20 cm)


Slide-Under -- Tall Height (9-16 inches, 23-41 cm)


LS 3000 Series Accesories

LS3000 Part Numbers

For LS 3000 Series

Table-Top Holder

21-08288-02 (with double-sided tape) 21-08299-03 (with wall bracket)

Multi-Mount Stand


Standard LS3000


KS 3000 Scanner Holder


Reversible Belt Clip




Protective Boot

11-09255-01 11-11901-01 (for LS 3064, LS 3070 with extended canopies)

The Symbol LS3000 is also known as the Symbol Technologies LS3000 .