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Symbol LS 4208 A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Symbol LS 4208.
For superior bar code scanning performance and maximum user comfort at a highly attractive price the LS4000 from Symbol Technologies establishes a new standard of excellence. LS4000 scanners inherit the leadership legacy of Symbol's best-selling handheld laser scanners. Symbol has leveraged its in-depth capabilities for innovation design and advanced technology to set the LS4000 apart from anything else on the market.
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LS4000 Options
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LS4000-I100-01 LS4000, Undecoded kit: Scanner, undecoded cable &. See Symbol LL500 for required wedge. Check Availability Call for Details


Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
HBM-LS4071M Replacement battery for the Symbol/Motorola LS 4071. Original part number 21-19022-01. 6 volts 730 mAh.
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Symbol LS4000 Details

The Benchmark in Hand-Held Laser Scanners: Nothing Else Measures Up to the LS4000

For superior barcode scanning performance with maximum user comfort at a highly attractive price, the LS4000 from Symbol Technologies establishes an award-winning standard of excellence that's backed by a 5 Year Plus warranty.

Symbol's onboard interfaces: USB, RS-232C, IBM468x/9x, Keyboard Wedge, and the exclusive Synapse "Smart" technology simplify connection to virtually every host. In addition, Flash programming facilitates custom settings on specific applications enabling future upgrades and increasing the value and life of the scanner.

Award-Winning Ergonomics

Symbol knows that ergonomics are just as important as scanner performance. The LS4000 not only feels different, it looks different. You'll see at a glance that Symbol designed it to be rugged while adding features to enhance operability. 

To maximize user comfort, the LS4000 features a lightweight design with the handle optimized to fit comfortably into hands of all sizes. Reduced finger fatigue, even over extended periods of use, is achieved with a patented two-finger trigger. An overmolded rubber "chin" and "foot" on LS4000 achieves dual functionality of absorbing shock and raising the scanner off the counter for easy pickup and placement. Plus, a removable rubber cable boot guards the bottom of the scanner's handle providing superior cable and strain relief.

Designed and Built for Maximum Reliability

With an installed base of millions of scanners, Symbol stands by its LS4000 with a 5 Year Plus warranty. The Plus includes a limited lifetime warranty on the patented Mylar scan element*, which eliminates engine wear with near frictionless motion.

Scanners in the LS4000 are designed to stand up to everyday abuse such as accidental drops to the floor, impacts against counters, and the fluctuations of backroom temperatures. During the development of the LS4000 , the product was subjected to a wide variety of demanding tests simulating everyday abuse with aggressive shock, vibration, temperature and tumble tests. Symbol's engineers have pushed this product beyond its design limits to identify and reinforce potential areas of concern. This ensures long-lasting use of the LS4000 in a wide variety of applications from point-of-sale to back room.

The Mark of a Top Performer – Application Versatility

The Symbol LS 4000i Series are the scanners of choice for a wide variety of  retail and commercial applications, from small neighborhood businesses to major retailers and corporations.

They are ideal for Point-of-Sale scanning, price markdowns and verification, and in-store inventory management in retail segments such as mass merchandise, specialty retail, department stores, warehouse clubs and grocery stores.

In  Warehouseand Manufacturing applications LS4000 improve productivity and accuracy in shipping and receiving, performing applications such as inventory management, assembly line processes and document tracking.

LS4000 can be used anywhere where efficiency needs to be improved. For example, in  Healthcare for patient information tracking, medical inventory management and also for Office use with staff time and attendance.

The Symbol LS4000 is also known as the Symbol Technologies LS4000 .