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Symbol LS1908 Cobra: LS1908T A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Symbol LS1908 Cobra: LS1908T.
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Greater Value, Better Performance in Triggerless Close Range Scanning
For the fastest, easiest to use automatic triggerless scanners for all your close range scanning needs, the proven LT1806 from Symbol Technologies is the clear choice. Now you won't have to choose between price and performance: with the LT1806 from the Symbol SmartLine product family, you get them both.
The LT1806 builds on the proven design of LT1806 , used worldwide by more than 500,000 satisfied users. With upgraded optics and triggerless operation, the LT1806 sets a new standard in reliable, comfortable, easy-to-use scanning in retail and light industrial environments.
The Symbol LT1806 is also known as the Symbol Technologies LT1806 .