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The MC 3100 Accessories include charging cradles, power cords and USB interface cords.
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MC 3100 Accessories
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
MC31XX-USB-STARTER MC31x0 Starter Kit. Includes Everything You Need to Run Your MC31x0: Charging/Communications Cradle, Interface Cable, US Power supply and AC Line Cord. Ships Free Today $163.79
23844-00-00R US AC Line Cord, Grounded, 7.5', Three wire for power supplies (Part# KT-14000-148R) and (Part# 50-14000-241R) and (Part# PWRS-14000-148R). Ships Free Today $15.69
50-16000-182R AC Power Line Cord, 2 Wire, 6', ungrounded, NEMA 1-15P Plug. (For use with 2 Wire, ungrounded Power Supplies) Ships Free Today $12.84
25-68596-01R MC67 Accessories, USB Client Communication Cable. USB A to Mini B. Ships Free Today $17.00
BTRY-MC3XKAB0E Standard Capacity Battery For The MC3000/MC3100 Series, (1x) 2740 mAh, For Straight Shooter and Rotating Head Configurations Only. Ships Free Today $48.68
Retail $68
Save 28%
Retail $415
Save 33%
11-08062-02R Universal rugged belt for hip holster. Ships Free Today $28.20
8710-050005-01R Plastic Holster for the MC3000/MC3100 series that secures to a belt. Ships Free Today $15.74
25-124411-02R MC3100 Accessory, Cable ACCESSORY: HDSET APT, MC3100 TO VXI QDC Ships Free Today $38.44
Retail $50
Save 23%
CRD3000-100RES Single Slot Serial/USB Cradle Kit (US).Kit includes: Single Slot Cradle (Part# CRD3000-1001RR), (Part# PWRS-14000-148R), and US AC Cord (Part# 23844-00-00R). Interface cables sold separately. Ships Free Today $146.79
Retail $218
Save 32%
25-63852-01R RS-232 Cable for cradle to the host system Ships Free Today $22.51
BTRY-MC31KAB02 High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery (2x), 4800 mAh (Works With All MC31xx Configurations). Purchase Battery Door (Part# Kt-128373-01r) For Straight Shooter and Rotating Head Configurations, Purchase Battery Door (Part# Kt-128374-01r) For Gun Configurations. Ships Free Today $61.19
Retail $90
Save 32%
58-40000-007R Universal shoulder strap. Ships Free Today $18.36
BTRY-MC3XKAB0E-50 MC3000/MC3100 Standard Capacity Battery 2740 mAh - 50 Pack Ships Free Today $1,362.03
Retail $2155
Save 36%
CRD3000-1001RR Cradle only, Single Slot and USB/RS-232. Power supply, Communications cables and AC line cord not included. Ships Free Today $106.23
Retail $160
Save 33%
BTRY-MC31KAB02-10 Mc31Xx High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery (2X), 4800 mAh, 10 Pack (Works With All Mc31Xx Configurations, Purchase Battery Door Kt-128373-01R Ships Free Today $398.18
Retail $630
Save 36%
VCA3000-01R MC3000 Mobile Computer Accessories, Cable (Auto Charge, 12v) For The MC3x00 Ships Free Today $114.83
Retail $150
Save 23%
11-43912-03R Tethered Stylus - 3-Pack (gray) Ships Free Today $21.38
PWRS-14000-242R Power, Supply (100-240 VAC, 15VDC, 5A) Ships Free Today $72.57
Retail $110
Save 34%
KT-128374-01R MC3100-G High Capacity Battery Door Ships Free Today $18.61
50-16000-678R MC67 Accessories, AC Line Cord, 36"L grounded, three wire. Associated Countries: Brazil, United States. For power supplies KT-14000-148R and 50-14000-241R. Ships Free Today $15.74
11-72959-04R Rubber Boot for MC3090/MC3100 Gun for both imager and laser configurations. Ships Free Today $13.98
BTRY-MC31KAB02-50 Battery Kit: 50 spare batteries, Lithium-Ion, double capacity, 4800 mAh, works with all MC31xx configurations. Requires extra large battery door (Part# KT-128373-01R). Ships Free Today $1,819.93
Retail $2853
Save 36%
11-69293-01R Fabric holster for the MC3000/MC3100 series, secures to a belt and includes shoulder strap. For use with Rotating Head and Straight Shooter MC3100 variations, not Gun Grip style. Ships Free Today $46.97
KT-73440-01R Stylus Non-Elastic Tether Kit - 3 Pack Ships Free Today $15.69
UBC2000-I500DES Universal Charger-Cradle, Universal Battery Charger 4-Slot Base. Includes power supply and and DC line cord. Order 3 wire grounded AC Line Cord separately (Part# 23844-00-00R). Ships Free Today $137.14
Retail $215
Save 36%
KT-136648-01R MC67 Accessories, Bracket, Wall Mount For 4 Slot Cradle Ships Free Today $29.91
Retail $35
Save 14%
KT-81680-50R Stylus Gun version gray with tether gray, 50 Pack Ships Free Today $201.07
Retail $300
Save 32%
50-16000-218R MC67 Accessories, Cord: Pwr 18awg 10a 250v Japan Ships Free Today $15.64
50-16000-220R MC67 Accessories, Smb AC Power cord For Europe Ships Free Today $15.69

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The Symbol MC 3100 Accessories is also known as the Symbol Technologies MC 3100 Accessories .