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Symbol LS4278

Synapse Kit. 1D Laser, Cordless charging cradle, Color: white.

This part is replaced by LS4278-TRWS0100ZWR.
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Symbol LS4278 Scanner

The Symbol LS4278 helps users increase productivity and cut costs while providing free movement throughout the workspace. Its unique array of productivity-enhancing features allow novice and advanced users to process items more rapidly and spend less time keying in data. The addition of Bluetooth wireless communications provides workers with the cordless freedom to move to large bulky items for scanning instead of risking injury from lifting heavy objects plus the ability to physically check all sides of a shopping cart for unscanned items. The LS4278 communicates via Bluetooth to the cradle, which in turn connects to the host computer via a variety of connection interfaces, including USB, Keyboard wedge and RS-232.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: LS4278-TRWS0100ZWW