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Symbol M 2007 Cyclone

USB kit: Scanner, USB cable & product reference guide. Color: black.

This part is replaced by DS9808-LR7NNU01ZR.
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Symbol M2007 Cyclone Scanner

A smart investment, Symbol's innovative scanner is future-ready now. The M2007 Cyclone scanner decodes existing, new and emerging bar code symbologies instantly. The Cyclone scanner is packed with features that deliver optimum flexibility including next generation scanning technology. As good looking as it is practical, the Cyclone's sleek design complements any store's decor. Large merchandise or small, single or multiple bar code types, this scanner can handle it all. Revolutionary user-selectable scan pattern versatility plus remarkable ease of use and adaptability make the Adaptive "Cyclone" Scanner Series from Symbol Technologies a standout for bar code scanning at point of sale. The M2007 Cyclone Cyclone also features a USB interface and built-in adjustable stand, allowing for quick and easy out-of-the-box operation. Reads Reduced Space Symbology (RSS). All units ship with one product reference guide.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: M2007-I500-0100ZNR