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Symbol MK 1200

Micro Kiosk, 802.11RF, 32MB/32MB, Non Touch

This part is replaced by MK590-A030DB9GWTWR.
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Symbol MK 1200 Terminal

Symbol Technologies' MK 1200 digital kiosk system allows you to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction for a stronger bottom line. The MK 1200 features four programmable function buttons with touch screen option along with a comprehensive software development kit (SDK) makes it easier and faster than ever before to create and deploy your applications. The MK 1200 is network enabled and connects to your network from anywhere with a wireless or wired Ethernet connection. Its trim, ergonomic design with a depth of less than 4-inch mounts easily, anywhere in the store on walls, end-caps, shelves or poles.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: MK1250-0N0DAKBNTWR