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Symbol MK 1200

Micro Kiosk, 802.11RF, 32MB/32MB, Non Touch

This part is replaced by MK590-A030DB9GWTWR.
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Symbol MK 1200 Terminal

The Symbol MK 1200 kiosk is the perfect space-saving device to cost-effectively deploy and run applications with digital signage, price verification and bar code scanning throughout your retail environment. The MK 1200 has award-winning scan engine technology and can read all common bar codes found in retail environments. With the optional magstripe reader users can swipe a card for identification and account access. It is also power-packed with Intel Xscale 200 MHz CPU, Windows CE .NET 4.2 OS, Internet Explorer CE version 6.0 compliant browser and more.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: MK1250-0N0DAKBNTWR