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Symbol MS 3207

MiniScan (CL2, Omni, USB and Housed Scan Engine)

This part is replaced by DS457-SR20009.
Ships in 24-48 hours


Symbol MS3207 Scanner

The MS3207 is a high-performance, fixed mount scanner offering a unique high-speed omnidirectional scan pattern to read barcodes quickly and accurately, minimizing the need for precise positioning of linear one-dimensional (1D) barcodes. The MS3207 provides an easy, cost-effective way to enhance existing OEM devices with 1D and two-dimensional (2D) scanning. The small form factor, combined with high-speed omnidirectional scanning, provides the perfect solution for any application requiring fast, accurate scanning, such as kiosks, ATMs, assembly lines and point-of-sale devices.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: MS-3207-I000R